Friday, November 29, 2013

Dream Tree

When I was a little girl we always had a real tree.

Dad would go cut it off the farm. You know the routine.

It would never stand up straight. We put it in a bucket with sand or rocks and tied it to the curtain rod.

We have put props under the stand and all the other things you no doubt did too.

Remember how when you put the ornaments on an old ceder tree the whole branch drooped?

Yet we thought it beautiful didn't we?

Somewhere Christmas trees became almost a status symbol type thing.

We started having theme trees.  Bear trees, Bird trees, bow trees, you name it we made a tree for it.

I went through a time when I wanted one of those trees. I wanted a tree like I saw so many others have. I thought them beautiful. 

I still do. I love white lights but Mark and the kids love colored lights so colored lights it is.

Our tree is beautiful and I guess it is a theme tree. A family theme tree.

I don't have ribbons or bows, but you won't believe what I do have.

My tree has 4 empty shot gun shells with a plastic cord hook. Two yellow ones and two red ones.

I have a long rusty bolt with nuts and screws of various sizes on it and you hang it with a piece of binder twine.

We used to always let the kids get a new ornament every year when we went to cut the tree, so I have sponge bob and grinch.

I have tea pots and unicorns.  Santa's, snowmen and angels.

I have a replica of Mark, me, and each of the kids.

I have a little angle my grandma Marshall gave me.

Tonight Jess and Liv have gone shopping to buy new trees for the other place.

They sent me pictures and told me to choose. They called and described real sets of ornaments to me and told me about the white lights.

They told me to tell them what I wanted.

I didn't know what to say.  For years I have quietly thought, "one day I will have white lights, I will do the tree with bows and ribbons and bears and bows."

Now is my chance, I get to say what goes.

You know what I ended up telling the girls?

I told them I would like what ever they liked. I told them to make the tree whatever they wanted it to be.

Think of all those years I wasted thinking of the "dream tree" I would one day have.

I guess when the girls called tonight, I woke up and realized I've always had the "dream tree."

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  1. I think the "non magazine" trees are the way to go :) Your tree sounds full of memories and love..exactly what a Christmas tree should represent :)
    I remember every winter usually about 2 wks before Christmas trekking through the snow with my little brother, Mom and Dad looking for a real tree. Never would fail that we'd have one that had to be thumbtacked to the wall, leaned severely to the right, might not have a ton of needles on one side so that side went towards the wall lol We said we always had Charlie Brown Christmas trees but to this day those trees hold a special spot in my heart because we did it together.
    We'd spend nights stringing popcorn chains for the tree, then Dad would make snow icecream. We'd make paper chains to decorate the front room..sometimes we'd have colored paper otherwise we'd do it out of old paper bags. Mom would make salt dough ornaments with us.
    I carry on alot of those traditions with my little one now. Yes, I have a fake tree but it has special ornaments on it, is topped by the angel my Granny made over 15 yrs ago and my daughter got when my beloved Granny passed 2 yrs ago. She says Nanny lights up the angel ;)